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Colorbond XRW Monoclad® Profile Roof Sheets - Trimdek

Colorbond XRW Monoclad® Profile Roof Sheets - Trimdek

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Monoclad Profile and Trimdek Roofing Solutions for Australian Homes

Discover the exceptional performance and stunning appeal of our premium Monoclad® profile (an equivalent product to Trimdek®) roofing solutions. As a trusted Australian supplier, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality products that stand the test of time. Experience the difference for yourself and transform your property with our durable, stylish, and long-lasting roofing options. Don't wait—give your home the upgrade it deserves today!

Monoclad® Profile Colorbond XRW .42BMT Product Specification Table

Maximum Span Roof


Maximum Span Wall


Sheet Width


Rib Height


Effective Cover


Minimum Pitch

2 Degrees

Sheet Thickness

.42BMT (.42mm Base Metal Thickness)


Colorbond® XRW


Any of the 22 Standard Colorbond® Colours

Technical Information: Monoclad Profile and Trimdek Roofing Specifications

Our Monoclad® profile roof sheets are designed with precision and care to provide maximum coverage and protection for your property. Each sheet features a width of 864mm, an effective cover of 762mm, and rib heights of 29mm, ensuring a secure fit and superior water-shedding capabilities. The maximum span for this product as a roof sheet is 1.2 meters, while the minimum fixing requirements include using a minimum of three fasteners per sheet to achieve optimal strength and stability. For the full list of technical specifications & limitations, you can visit the product page on the Stramit® website to ensure this product will meet the requirements of your application. Once you have established which fixings you require for your project, be sure to check out our Fixings page to purchase the correct screws for your application. 


Knowledge: Stramit's Expertise and Colorbond XRW Material for Monoclad and Trimdek Roofing

We are proud to partner with Stramit®, a leading manufacturer of roofing products in Australia, to bring you superior COLORBOND® XRW steel. This high-quality material offers unbeatable durability, exceptional resistance to the elements, and a wide range of attractive colours to suit any design preference. When you choose our Monoclad® profile, you're investing in a solution backed by Stramit's expertise and Colorbond® XRW's proven performance.

Applications: Versatile Uses for Monoclad® Profile and Trimdek® Roofing

Our Trimdek® roofing solutions are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Agricultural and farm buildings
  • Flatter roofs down to 2 degrees
  • Patios and outdoor areas
  • Wall cladding

Monoclad® profile roof sheets are ideal for both new constructions and renovation projects, offering a seamless blend of functionality and style that will enhance the appearance and value of your property.

Conclusion: Fast Delivery and Quality Assurance for Your Monoclad Profile and Trimdek Roofing Needs

Upgrade your property with our premium Monoclad® profile roofing products, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable, high-performance solution. We are committed to delivering your order swiftly, ensuring you can start your project without delay. Don't miss out on the opportunity to invest in a roofing solution that truly stands the test of time—place your order today!

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