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Apron Flashings - Colorbond® XRW - Stramit®

Apron Flashings - Colorbond® XRW - Stramit®

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Seal Your Roof with a Premium Apron Flashing

Discover the ultimate solution to your roofing needs with our premium apron flashings. At Roofing Supplies Online, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality roofing products sourced from trusted Australian suppliers like Stramit®. Our apron flashings are designed to ensure superior performance and durability, making them the perfect choice for your roofing project. Don't wait - secure your investment today and experience the difference our roof apron flashings can make.


Mastering Roofing with Stramit's Colorbond® XRW Apron Flashings

Our apron flashings are supplied by Stramit®, a renowned Australian manufacturer of Colorbond® Roof Flashings with a long-standing reputation for excellence in the roofing industry. Crafted from high-quality Colorbond® XRW material, these flashings boast exceptional durability, making them ideal for even the most demanding applications. You can trust our apron flashings to withstand the test of time, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution for your roofing needs. Our apron flashings can be used over our Roof to Wall flashings to create a waterproof seal. Products that may be required for installation such as fixings, rivets & silicone are also available through our online store.


Technical Information:

Our Stramit® apron flashings come in a range of sizes, with dimensions from 50mm x 50mm to 50mm x 150mm, and a 0.55mm base metal thickness. They are available in lengths ranging from a minimum of 1.0m to a maximum of 8.0m. Our apron flashings are customizable, with the following set parameters as default:

  • A: 50mm-90mm
  • B: 10mm-40mm
  • C: 10mm-20mm
  • D: 10mm-40mm

You can provide us with your choice of values for each of these lettered parameters on the Product Dimensions Image. For any measurements that are outside of these parameters, you can download, sketch your desired flashing and send it back for a quote.

 Base Metal Thickness .55mm
Material Colorbond® XRW
Available Lengths 1.0m to 8.0m

These flashings are manufactured locally, ensuring consistent quality and performance. They're available in a variety of colours and finishes, including all 19 Contemporary and Classic COLORBOND® colours, as well as Zincalume® and Galvanised options. Rest assured, our apron flashings meet the stringent Australian Standard AS1397, guaranteeing top-tier performance for your project.


Applications: Roof Apron Flashing Applications for Residential and Commercial Projects

Our apron flashings are designed to provide excellent waterproofing in a wide range of applications. They're perfect for both residential and commercial projects, offering a versatile and effective solution for various roofing scenarios. The benefits of our apron flashings include:

  • Enhanced durability and corrosion resistance
  • Customisation options to suit your specific needs
  • Compatibility with Stramit® Colorbond® rainwater products
  • Suitable for use in various locations, including coastal and light industrial environments


Experience Fast Delivery and Exceptional Apron Flashing Solutions

When you choose our apron flashings for your roofing project, you're not only investing in a superior product but also in prompt and reliable service. We're committed to providing speedy delivery times, ensuring your project stays on schedule. Don't hesitate – elevate your roofing project with our premium apron flashings today. Secure your order now and experience the difference Roofing Supplies Online can make.

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