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Permastop Blanket | Anticon Roof Insulation Blanket

Permastop Blanket | Anticon Roof Insulation Blanket

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Experience the Benefits of Permastop (Anticon) Roof Insulation Blanket

Discover the ultimate solution for your roofing needs with our high-quality roof insulation blanket, the Permastop by Fletcher Building Products (Commonly referred to as Anticon). Trusted by professionals across Australia, this innovative insulation product will significantly improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or building. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the benefits of our top-of-the-line roof insulation; order now for a comfortable and cost-effective solution!


Knowledge:  Trust in Fletcher Building Products and Glass Wool Roof Insulation Blanket

The Permastop roof insulation blanket, supplied by industry-leading Fletcher Building Products, is made from premium Glass Wool Roof insulation material with a reflective foil base, providing exceptional thermal and acoustic properties. Fletcher Insulation has designed this insulation blanket specifically for the Australian climate. Permastop offers a superior roof insulation & protection solution, meeting the demands of both domestic and commercial projects by preventing warm air condensating on cold metal roof sheets.


Technical Information: Discover the Versatility of Anticon Equivalent Insulation Blankets

Our Anticon equivalent insulation blankets come in various material R-values (R1.3, R1.8, R2.5, and R3.0) and nominal thicknesses (55mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 130mm) to accommodate your specific insulation requirements. The product features industry-leading Sisalation® reflective foil laminate, providing additional moisture and condensation protection. Permastop is Codemark™ certified, manufactured with up to 80% recycled content, and satisfies Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) requirements for both roof and wall applications. 

Permastop R1.3 55mm Roof Sarking:

  • Are 1350mm wide
  • Have 20 Lineal meters per roll
  • Cover approximately 24m2
  • Have an effective cover of 1200mm
  • Is a FSB-1 glass wool bio-soluble insulation for safer installation
  • Is made from up to 80% recycled materials
  • Is designed and tested by Fletcher Insulation

We also sell foil tacks which may assist you with installing this roof sarking to timber roof battens. You can find the technical specifications & other information on the Fletcher Insulation website.


Applications: Unleash the Potential of Anticon Roof Insulation in Various Applications

The versatile Permastop roof insulation blanket is suitable for a wide range of applications, offering numerous benefits to any building:

  • Minimising the risk of condensation
  • Reducing energy usage for cost savings
  • Enhancing thermal insulation properties for year-round comfort
  • Offering excellent acoustic properties to reduce rain noise
  • Complying with the Building Code of Australia requirements for energy efficiency
  • Assisting in controlling noise and dust transmission
  • Providing bushfire protection with non-combustible materials


Conclusion: Invest in Permastop for a Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Future

Choose the Permastop roof insulation blanket for an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution to your roofing insulation needs. Order now and benefit from our speedy delivery service to ensure your project stays on track. Don't hesitate to invest in the future of your home or building with our top-quality insulation products today!

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