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Our Customers understand Roof Sarking, Roof Safety and Roof Ventilation are all vital parts of modern roofing systems. We offer products such as Sisalation & Roof Scoop Vents to assist our customers.

Roof sarking is designed to assist with condensation control. Roof insulation blanket products such as Anticon Blanket or Permastop Blanket, can be installed to the underside of your metal roof sheets  and assist against condensation. These blankets as well as Sisalation can also assist with providing better thermal protection. Roof sarking can also help prevent exterior noise from entering the building. 

Roof ventilation also plays a key role in by extracting warm, moist air from the ceiling cavity and expelling it outside. These vents are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Roof ventilation works well in conjunction with a high quality roof sarking such as Sisalation 456 Extra Heavy Duty. These combinations of roofing insulation and ventilation can further reduce your chance of forming condensation.

Custom skylight tops can bring natural light flooding into your home and are available in the full range of COLORBOND® XRW colours, Zincalume® and galvanized. Skylight tops can be ordered online in our set sizes and can also be ordered in custom sizes subject to material constraints. You can also find Roof Safety Mesh on this page.  


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