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Roofing Screw HEX Screws & Pop Rivets

We offer a large & comprehensive range of roofing screws for sale through our online store. Our roof fixings supplies include a great range of HEX screws, rivets and more.

We offer many different types of roofing screws and have most of them available in the Colorbond® colours to ensure a seamless match with your next Colorbond® roof. These screws are available in a variety of lengths and cutting heads making them suitable for fixing down roof sheets, flashings, gutters & more. The cutting heads for the roof screws we have available are Type 17 for timber, metal cut for steel purlins and Zip cut screws which can drill through either timber or metal. There are also 1/8th aluminum pop rivets which are approximately 3.2mm thick at the rivet end and these come in Colorbond® colours as well. The pop rivets can be used to join box gutters, flashings, fascia's and more.

Our roofing screws:

  • Are available in a variety of lengths
  • Are available with different cutting heads
  • Most commonly have a 5/16th HEX drive
  • Are suited for roofing work